Monday, May 28, 2007

Camping Adventure at Frog Lake

Joshua and Austen got there first taste of the great outdoors this weekend on our family camping trip and fun was had by all. Joshua loved having the freedom of exploring the woods and playing fetch with our friends dog. While Austen sat back and cooed at the trees. To are surprise the weather was quite chilly the second day we were there (38) and we were not prepared for that kind of weather, it would have been far to chilly for our little boys that night so we packed up the car and we were off to our next adventure, Home. But, first we had some sight seeing to do in Hood river:)

I will admit I was a bit nervous for our camping trip having an active toddler and an infant didn't seem like the best mix but we can't wait till our next camping trip and on that trip we will be sure to take some pictures...guess we were just having too much fun!

Happy Memorial Day

Saturday, May 12, 2007

Potty Training in Just One Day

Is is really possible to potty train in a day? Did the potty party work for your little one? Did you get a toliet-training doll? For those who have successfully potty trained your child, what words of advice/encouragement can you give me to help make this transition as smooth as possible?

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