Thursday, September 4, 2008

My travels to Texas......

What a wonderful, wonderful treat it was to visit one of my dearest and best friends Sarah in the Country of Texas!! We shared many laughs from the moment I got off the plane (seriously); like me thinking my luggage was lost or left on the plane when really it was that last bag that must have circled the baggage claim area 10 times before I realized it was actually my bag!! We had many opportunities for fellowship, shopping and dinning out!! Sarah's husband was really great about just letting us do are thing!! Thank you, James!! But, one of the best parts of my trip was watching Sarah play the piano!! What a gift the Lord has and is blessing Sarah with......yesterday I bought all the songs we were playing together on i tunes. They were some of the most beautiful worship songs I have ever heard. At last, the boys Jonathan and Ian are growing up so fast. How did that happen? I first met Sarah when Jonathan was a tiny baby and now he is 7 and in 1st grade!!
Most of all I'm ever so grateful that my husband spent the weekend with our boys so I could travel to Texas!! What a gift he is to me!!

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