Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Preschool or Kindergarten??

Today when I picked up Joshua from Preschool his Teacher said she was going to call me later today so we could talk. Immediately, I began fretting her phone call...what Mother wouldn't? So, she called......
Her first question was, "Has Joshua had his hearing checked before?" Because, there is a few areas she has noticed Joshua needing a little extra help in. In which I replied; Yes, we have had his hearing checked and all is good with the ears. Now, I'm thinking... Preschool's not a good fit for him yet?? Then she tells me...Preschool is absolutely just the place for him and that she's there to work with him where he is at. I told her that we as well as his Doctor thinks he is developing on the slower end of the spectrum. Which she agreed to be totally normal especially for boys. She doesn't feel there is any concern otherwise....just that we need to work with at home and to make sure we have fun with it. Which is really just it a lot of the time when we work with him at home he just has NO interest or gets frustrated. Which is probably why he has no interest. In the end her main reason for calling was she wasn't sure what are thoughts or plans were for Kindergarten....she didn't say he wasn't ready but she did say they will expect a lot more of him in Kindergarten. Then she goes on to tell me how sweet Joshua, that he is social with the other kids is and she really enjoys having him in here class! I'm so thankful Joshua has such a wonderful Preschool teacher. We sure had a great talk and she was able to answer confirm some questions we had of our own!! Any one else have a similar experience??

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

I'm back!!

I dropped out of blog Land I know but I back now!! The last month has been very busy in the Davis Household. First, Joshua started Preschool which has been so wonderful for him. He is learning many new things and starting to make school friends. Honestly, when did he get so big. He will be old enough to go to Kindergarten next Fall. And we moved to Clackamas. In which I'm still getting acclimated with. It's a busier city with an entirely different dynamic. So, it's little adjustments here and there. Needless to say, I have been busy!!

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