Friday, July 25, 2008

So much going on.....

Joshua amazes me daily! We have been spending a lot of time at the park the last few days and we have been working on "manners" at the park. It is so cute to watch Joshua go up to the other kids (he was doing this I was just encouraging him to be a little more polite than he was) and ask them, "What's your name?" "My name is Joshua, would you like to play with me?" It has been wonderful for him...he has become quite bold...talking to all the children and adults...not sure where he all of a sudden got that? Joshua is also taking showers now!! He even washes his hair while in the shower. This is a HUGE milestone. For one who doesn't like the water he is very slowly getting over his fears (he loves baths just not getting his head wet).

A funny comment from Joshua. "Mom this Thai food tastes like McDonald's." John and I look at each that so?? At least he shares in our love of Thai food too!!!

Austen has been counting to 3. He goes over to the corner puts his head on the wall and says, 1 2 3. That's right...he likes to play hide and seek! He is also understanding the concept of sorry and I forgive you. There is not doubt about it he is a very adventures little toddler and quite determined. He absolutely LOVES the backyardigans. He gets his blanket and says, upstairs please watch TV once we get up stairs he then picks the backyardigans and has the funnest expression filled with so much excitement on his face. The other morning he was up early and spent nearly 2 hours on our bed watching them. When I asked if he wanted to go downstairs he said, No!

I think yes...yes I do want more!!!

Thursday, July 10, 2008

It's true....

I can hardly believe it.....I'm going to TEXAS in August for 4 days by myself to visit one of my closest friends!!! I'm beyond THRILLED!!!!

Eating nutritionally and living naturally on a budget is my vision for my family