Tuesday, August 7, 2007

FREE Movies

That's right, FREE!!! Regal Entertainment group has this program called, REG free family film festival...who knew?? It's been going on all summer long. Go figure!

Here our the details:

Go to www.REGmovies.com (to locate a theatre in your area)
Every Tuesday & Wed @ 10am is a G or PG movie. It's on first come first serve basis and I think they may even have kids meals you can purchase but the best part is it's FREE!!!

Tomorrow we are going to see Everyone's Hero!

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mommy mel said...

That's really neat! I always wonder how you find out all this information. I seem to just wander right past it all.

I see I've been missing quite a bit lately. I guess I haven't been checking blogs the last few weeks. It looks like you had a good time on your camping trip!

Also, I'd love to plan a playdate before we leave. Much love.

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