Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Some fun (OVERDUE) pictures of my boys!!

Daddy, Joshua and Austen Thanksgiving 2007 in their matching sweaters!!
Joshua in the Fall of 2007- Our annual Fruitloop trip
Mommy and Austen- Fall of 2007
Uncle Danny and Joshua on Our annual Fruitloop trip!
Grandma and Austen eating lunch after fruitlooping!!


inara said...

really cute pics!!!!

Rachel said...

Such cute little dudes! We'll have to get together soon...my girls aren't back in town until Friday, so maybe sometime early next week, as long as I'm not off having a baby. :)

- Rachel

Sissy said...

the sweater pictures are adorable.

Betsy said...

Love the matching sweaters! I usually pick the holidays to coordinate my boys too! Livi gets to join in on the fun this year!

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