Sunday, November 2, 2008

I'm crying!!

Today as we were getting back into the car after Church Austen bonked his head and started crying. John was comforting him but he wasn't having it so Austen says "Hug me" John hugs him. Then he says, "Hold me". So, John picked Austen up and began comforting him. After Austen settles down and appears to be fine John puts him pack in his car seat and he starts crying again and then says, "I crying!" It was the funniest thing ever, maybe you had to be there but seriously!! Joshua immediately starts laughing and then John and I were was hilarious!! I don't know what was funnier Austen stating the obvious or Joshua laughing before John and I did. Oh, how we love our boys!!!


mommy mel said...

Our boys must be in the same phase. Gabriel's new comment when he expecting discipline is, "I'm not going to cry mom! I just say, 'ouch!' " Then, if he's having difficulty suppressing his tears, he tries to reassure us by saying, "I'm not going to cry, okay!"
Oh, it makes it unthinkable not to give him a huge hug!!!

Sarah Asplund said...

Oh Tana that is precious!!!!! I love that Joshua laughed first.

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