Wednesday, July 25, 2007

No thanks, MOM!

Well, there is really no tale to tell. I didn't end up needing to give Austen a bottle....I did however try! The fluids they were using for testing were not being injected into my bloodstream so they said I wouldn't have to pump & dump. This was quite a relief to me. Because, he just wouldn't have it! Now, I love breastfeeding my little guy but now that he is almost 8 months I would like to be able to have a night out or a day out. I want to have lunch and go shopping with a girlfriend or get a facial & a bodywrap...that's not a lot to ask is it?? I know my time will come in just a few more months! :)


Rachel said...

Have you thought about trying to wean him straight to a cup? I know some moms that tried a sippy without a the ones that just have a lid with a slit in the mouthpiece, so they actually learn to in, take some liquid in their mouths, then swallow, as opposed to just sucking on a sippy. Since it's a new experience, instead of just substituting the bottle for the breast, some kids will take to it.

Amy was able to drink out of a cup like that at around 11 months. She was on a bottle for a little while before that, but once she figured out that cup she was DONE with bottles. But I know some babies that took to the cup around Austen's age. (Remember Dan's little guy? He was drinking out of a water bottle! Dawn weaned Carl to a cup, too.) It depends on the kid, of course, and will be messy while he gets used to it and will take a bit of patience, but it couldn't hurt to try. :)

Tana said...

I was just thinking about that today. I'm going to have to give it a try because he doesn't get the sippy cup yet...he just thinks it's fun to chew on! Thanks for the advice :)

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