Thursday, December 6, 2007

It's just milk, Mom

Joshua got his haircut today and sat so still so we got a treat from Starbucks afterwards. On are way out we were talking about treats and I mentioned the milk being a treat. This was his response, It's just milk Mom...that's not a treat!
No wonder he thinks that, getting coffee at Starbucks is so frequent in our household that it really doesn't seem like much of a treat but rather a way of life.


Sarah said...

Hahahaha... I can so totally relate! We stopped getting any sort of happy meal a while back so they could be treats again (and it was breaking the bank for food they didn't even care about). We haven't gotten Starbucks in a while so my boys love getting it but they like the idea of the little cups like mommy's and daddies more than actually drinking anything from it. ;-)
I hope grandma's visit went well!

Kim said...

It is really bad when the starbucks lady knows you by name and you don't even have to order!!! Jake keeps telling me "No more starbucks mommy, you have too much coffee"

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