Monday, August 10, 2009

The price book

Getting control of the food budget is a hot topic in my house. We are always wavering on the numbers what's too much and what's not enough? We shop at several supermarkets, a co-op and the weekend farmer's market. I have a lot of the prices for our regular purchases in my brain (not written down) and have saved a few grocery store slips here and there for references. And I have made a few trips from time to time to compare price of specific items. So, I sort of "know my prices". In the process I have also learned not to assume that one store has the lowest price on every item. However, what I haven't done yet is made a price book. Which, I'm hoping will revolutionize my families shopping strategy so we can feel like we have control of our food budget and find a real number everyone is happy with.

How do I plan to conquer this task? I'm going to use a small notebook and each page is going to contain prices for one item. The pages will be alphabetical. I'm also going to make up so sort of code for the store name and the brand, the size of the item, the price and the unit price.

I realize this may sound like so much work but it's not. And I know the pay off will be worth it. Especially, if I hit each store a different week of the month so that within a 30-day cycle I hit them all.

So, excited to share my results!!

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