Wednesday, June 27, 2007

The Boy's hang'n out with Uncle Chad

Too cute!


Katie said...

Hi Tana-

We still need to get together! And I saw your post on UrbanMamas :)

Okay, I'm tagging you! Here's the rules-

~Post seven random things about yourself
~Tag seven other bloggers
~Post the rules
~Leave a comment letting the other bloggers know they've been tagged.


Tana said...

I know we do!! What days and times are good for you??

You tagged I tag you!!! Here is 7 random thngs about myself:

1) When I'm handed something or pick up something I'm often tempted to smell it!
2) I want to take Hip Hop dancing lessons
3) I like crime drama T.V.
4) I want to go to Hawaii for Christmas
5)I played lacrosse in highschool
6)I LOVE sushi
7)I'm know for leaving things on top of my car and driving off (LIKE PHONES!) :)

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