Thursday, June 14, 2007

The miracle of BABY WIPES!

I never knew a baby wipe had so much "power to clean". I feel silly even saying that given I use them everyday to clean poopy bottoms. But, the last few days I have gotten old stains out of the carpet, couch, and smudges on the walls. So, today I put my wipes to work again & VIOLA! The microwave is clean again. I realize this is probably not the most envirnoment friendly method but my microwave REALLY needed help....I promise this will not become my routine. Needless to say, we mamas can rest assured our little ones bottoms are probably a lot cleaner than we think!

Oh, I hope I'm not the last mom out there to discovery the glory of the baby wipe!


mommy mel said...

You know, I am in much need of cleaning my microwave as well...maybe I'll grab a wipe! I don't know why, but it just seems so out of the way to get cleaner and a rag, so inevitably it stays dirty longer than it probably should.
So, thanks for the tip!

Rachel said...

They also remove Sharpie marker off skin. (Of course I'd had an occasion to try that lately. =)

Tana said...

Good to know. Thanks for sharing!

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