Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Continuation of our 48 hours...

I don't know whether to laugh or cry?? Seriously. I am keeping in good spirits and laughing for now but if one more thing happens I will surely cry! And this is why....Yesterday Austen broke his arm. YUP!! He fell about 2ish feet off a plastic play structure...he was attempting the slide and I was right there. He is doing fine and has/is such a trooper. He doesn't have a cast on yet but will be getting that on Thursday. For, now it's a splint and Ibuprofen. More details and a pic to come!!


Sarah said...

OH NO! That poor little guy. And that must have been so hard on you. I know what you mean about whether to laugh or cry. Its almost like you get to the point where you just give up life being uneventful and just embrace what comes your way. Did you hear it break or did it look funny... how did you know to take him in ?

Tana said...

I didn't know it was broken until we got home. His intial response was just a wimper. Which I thought was odd and then he just wanted to be held. I thought maybe he was in shock on top of being tired. Once, we got home I knew something was wrong...he kept fussing, wouldn't take a nap and seemed to not be using his shoulder/right arm. I tested it by having him reach for objects but he wouldn't reach with his right arm. I started really getting worried and attempted to call the advice nurse a few times but was on hold for what seemed like ever!! So, I called John and he said just take him to ER. Once we got to ER I really started noticing his right arm looking very weird...John's Mom came to the ER and she told me later it looked like his shoulder was injured from how his arm was hanging. After waiting, waiting and waiting we got our xrays and then waited some more for the final results (at this point we had already suspected it was broken). In the end they determined yes it was broken just below the elbow and that we need to schedule an apt to have a cast put on the entire length of his arm. Okay!!

Amanda said...

I feel so bad for little Austen. I still can't believe he broke it! I saw it happen and it just didn't seem like a bad fall at all! Poor little dude!

Like I said, let me know how I can help in the coming days!


Rachel said...

Oh no! How's he doing?

We should get together soon...we have a stomach flu running through the house now, but we'll be better sooner or later!

:) Rachel

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