Monday, March 17, 2008

Wallet update!

Thanks for all your prayers. Although, my wallet has not been found I was able to get some of the money on my gift cards back. I found receipt's with the remaining balance and account info and called the stores and they took care of it for me.(for the record I normally don't keep things like this in my wallet but I was planning to go shopping..go figure) What a blessing! Getting my drivers license was super easy and the boys did GREAT while we waited.
As for the rest I know it will be returned to me in some form or another some day soon! While, I miss my wallet it's just another lesson about how fleeting the things of this earth was only a material possession.

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Sarah said...

That is great Tana. I'm glad to hear that you got those "back"!

So true about the material possessions. I've been beating that drum in my own head lately.

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