Friday, March 7, 2008

Our Joshua!!

Can you say, "ARMY GUY"! Well, that's what's in around our house currently. Which really translates to cameo anything and everything, jacket, pants, boots. The first thing Joshua wants to do when he wakes up in the morning is put all these things on himself nonetheless. Yesterday, he kept spotting the army guy clothes..look mom, "it's army guy pants, those are cute". It's taken Mom about a week to realize the "army guy" is not going away..which I am totally cool with but investing in some more "army guy stuff" is a must!!
To add, I told John this morning what Joshua wanted to get his Daddy for his Birthday and it is..."I want to give him a bug and then go tickle, tickle". John looks at me with a smile and says, "now did you tell him to give me a bug or was that his idea"?? That's all Joshua!! Apparently, John has found a bug in every pair of shoes he has and just hasn't said anything...he assumed I told the boys to do it!! TOO FUNNY!!!
It's so much fun watching my boys' humor and personalities unfold!! I JUST LOVE IT, LOVE IT!!!


Sarah said...

Can't wait to see them again sometime. I so love this age!

inara said...

how cute! I love these little stories...and I love you!!!

love christina!!!

Anonymous said...

yeah, i found another plastic bug in a pair of shoes today... : )

Sissy said...

How funny. What imagination.

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