Thursday, September 13, 2007

Beyond myself

There is FREEDOM yet to come. I have been feeling quite overwhelmed in my circumstances and the demands of motherhood latelty. Never a dull moment in my house. From the laundry to the dishes to the kids there really is no rest for the weary. Until I realized just how important my Job as a Mom is and that I am infact impacting my children everyday. To my credit I am sure it hasn't helped that both my children are now mobile and quick. But knowing my Job as a Mother is important and holds a real power of influence in my household on a daily basis really strikes a cord. So, how I choose to use this influence is very important because it's going to have lasting effects both negatively and positively in the lives of my children and husband. It's up to me to create, set, culitivate the tone or atmosphere in my household each day. This sounds exhausting doesn't it?

But, I know that I am not alone. My purposes may be beyond myself, My circumstances may be beyond myself and even my daily demands but with the power of the holy spirit I can do ALL these things! In Christ I can do what I can't.This is so refreshing to my spirit. This truth couldn't have been more timely. Guess, that's always they way it goes...our God sure knows what he is doing. AMEN TO THAT!!!

"For he is doing something in your day, something you wouldn't believe even if someone told you about it." Acts 13:41

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