Friday, January 11, 2008


I’ve been tagged with the following 12 questions. Then I’m supposed to tag 2 other people and add a question (#14) of my own.
What are:
1. My 2 favorite scrapbook topics: Well, I am not yet officially a scrapbooker just dabbling now. What I have done is my boys and family!
2. The 2 best places I've been to: Hawaii and Canada
3. 2 things I do everyday: change diapers and clean up one mess or another
4. The 2 things everyone knows about me: I like shopping and I have to drink coffee every morning.
5. The 2 places I wish to visit: Texas, because one of my best friends just moved there. Otherwise, I can't just pick two places the vision my husband and I have for our family is to travel many places with our two boys!
6. 2 things you may not know about me:
7. My two favorite foods: SUSHI, Thai and Mexican. Guess that's 3...opps.
8. My two favorite musical artists: currently Colbie Caillat and One Republic.
9. The last thing you watched on television: Hmm...Curious George and the news (We had a tornado pass threw yesterday. Crazy!)
10. The one thing you can always count on to make you feel better: Snuggling up close with my hubby!
11. My two favorite outside activities: Walking/hiking and going to the park with the boys.
12. If you had the time, what would you do to keep fit: Hip hop classes.
13. How you would spend a perfect day: To be greeted with a latte from starbucks after getting out of the shower (on the days I get showers!) Then drop my boys of somewhere for the day. While, I go have lunch with girlfriends. Then meet my husband for a matinee. After which leads us to the bookstore for coffee and a good read. Followed by dinner at todia and then to roots to meet friends for happy hour. Last but not least to SLEEP IN!!
14. Pet peeve: Expensive Car maintenance. Urg....we are picking up our car tonight for a grand total of $1,600 dollars. Guess it could be worse.


Kim said...

I cannot believe that you guys had a tornado!! How crazy is that! Hope all is well!

inara said...

yay! thanks for playing along. no word on the job front. I'm just going to put it out of my head and have a great weekend anyway! I hope you have a great weekend too!

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