Friday, May 16, 2008

The beauty products I have discovered.....

I'm so excited to share some of the things I have found...I have not tried all of these products but I will be slowly transitioning into them. The price point of these products range.

1) Suki ( I can't wait to try the Lemon Grass Cleanser and it is completely organic.
2) Pangea Organics: all there packaging is fully biodegradable
3) Dr. Hauschka: created a holistic pharmaceutical company this line has a higher price point
4) Juice Beauty: There line looks super fun and there products are 95% organic ingredients
5) Aubrey Organics: made with essential oils and vitamins. (They make face, hair and body products)
6) Jason's Vitamin C line: Vitamin C stimulates collagen production so using a moisturizer that contains vitamin C is not a bad idea. What I like using is a small amount of yogurt mixed with the juice from an orange slice.
7) John Master's: ( organic haircare. I'm especially going to try the Citrus and Neroli Detangler.
8) Eco Bella: ( Shampoo for everyday
9) Kiss my face: (They make soaps, make up, hair care and body care) We are using this soap and I like it. I'm very curious about there make up line.
10) Bert's Bees: Body care..I love their lip Balm!
11) MOP (Modern organic Products): hair styling products which I have used in the past and really liked.
12) SUNSCREEN: Jason and Aubrey Organics
If I remember right whole foods carries all of these brands just not John's Master or Eco Bella. Target also carries Bert's Bees and Kiss my Face. Still read the labels because I'm finding some products in the same line have one or two of the bad stuff while others don't.
1) California Baby: body wash, diaper creams and shampoo for the little ones
2) Method baby squeaky clean: Body wash and shampoo for the little ones. The ingredients on this are all natural except for the fragrance. So, you'll have to make the call on that.
3) Little Twig: ( body wash and shampoo for the little ones. This company donates to a charity every year. I'm very anxious for my body wash I ordered to arrive.
Those are some of my discovery's for now. Again, it's the tiny changes we make that count. So, don't go throwing away every beauty product you own!


Kim said...

We only use california baby on the kids. Everything is wonderful and doesn't make Ashley break out at all. The sunscreen is also great!

Sarah said...

Great info Tana! I should switch the boys over on the next purchase. Jonathan is always getting random reactions to something that we use. I'm not sure what it is yet but laundry detergent and bath wash are the likely and previous culprits. Keep it up!

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