Tuesday, May 6, 2008

The past few weeks John and I have been making some changes in the way we have been choosing to spend our money. We have been reading and listening to, "Dave Ramsey". If you have not heard of him...you truly must!! It's completely altered our views on managing our money as well as motivating us to make some radical changes in our lives and our money. We have been repeating these words many of times in the last few weeks, "Live like no-one else now, so LATER, you can live like no-one else."


Sissy said...

Good for you.

I turned down shopping and eating lunch with my family this week, and I felt like that was a breakthough with me. When ever I leave the house and go to a store, it's always $50. I'm hoping that I'll see a difference in our budget and that will encourage me to keep doing better at spending.


Let's see how well we do eh?

Sarah said...

Go Tana Go!!!! you won't be sorry. We just got back on the Dave Ramsey wagon too! I love his stuff. I want a bumper sticker that say's my van may be purple but it's paid for!

breanna said...

my mister and i joined the ramsey revolution early last year and it is just incredible! FPU should be required in high school! it was overwhelming for awhile, but you find a groove and things start to feel less shocking. hooray for you!

Rachel said...

I've heard a lot about Dave Ramsey, but haven't looked that much into it. Sounds like good stuff, though.

And on an entirely different note...we should get together soon! I'm usually open during the day. And now the weather is nice enough to where the kids can run around in the backyard. Just say when. :)

- Rachel

Cameo said...

anyone else sad that soccer is coming to an end?

Eating nutritionally and living naturally on a budget is my vision for my family