Thursday, October 4, 2007

Music Adventure

Just wanted to share this email from Joshua's music teacher. This is our first year of classes and it has been exciting for us all. Joshua loves telling us what he learned each class. We are thinking that him being around his peers without Mommy or Daddy as given him the confidence to use the potty. Wohoo!!

Hello Tana,

I just wanted to let you know that Joshua did very well in class today. He participated in all the activities and seemed to enjoy himself - particularly the instruments. I was happy to see that he felt comfortable to be on his own and had enough confidence to join in our singing. He was a very good listener!

Yeah, Joshua. Mommy and Daddy are so proud. John and I were looking at pictures of Joshua from 4 months ago and he has grown up so much since then. How is that possible?? Really makes you want to savor the moments even more!!


mommy mel said...

Yeah! How exciting. What kind of a music class is is? It sounds like there is more than one instrument for him to use...that sounds like a clever idea.
Kiely and I agreed that one requirement for our kids is that they take some sort of instrument lessons. I think you can learn alot from it, even if they don't pursue it seriously.

Tana said...

It's a music adventure class held at a local preschool. It's every Wed for 45 Min's until the end of December. She plays guitar, sings songs, reads books and introduces new instruments each week.
We are hoping when the time comes Joshua will want to take piano lessons from Grandma who has been working with him. He now likes to sit and read the music and play us a song. Basically pretend after Grandma!!! It's fun. We are also teaching him to count to 5 using his piano fingers!!! :)

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