Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Potty time!

I wrote this yesterday and then my computer crashed:

So, at one point we were attempting to potty train Joshua and nothing seemed to be sticking. He never got excited about any of the rewards we were trying so we kind of gave it a break. (Well, maybe we were giving up :)) But, that has all changed today. This afternoon on a whim I asked Joshua if he wanted to pee and poop on the cherrios in the toliet and his eyes were wide eyed! Honeslty, I was shocked at his respone but went with it. Not only did he try but he really went pee and a little poop!! I was shouting inside and out!! :) We were literally on our way out the door so we had our celebration and into the car we went....before I could even get Joshua buckled he was saying, oh, no. He had to go more...awesome. So, in we went and he went a lot of pee and a bit more poop. Wohoo! When we were in the car Joshua starts asking about spending the night at Grandma & Papa's house..I thought what a great potty reward! So, If Joshua uses the potty for the next few days then he gets to spend the night at Grandma & Papa's house!

Today's potty tales have been just as fabulous! Way to go Joshua. We even braved it out today without a diaper or pullup and he did great! He was more then happy to use the potty at Cafe sip-n-play....we had quite a few shouts and high fives over that!


mommy mel said...

Oh how great!!! I'm sure it's a great relief.
We just started up with the potty training again. We've had really good spurts and then some where he won't use it all day. I'm trying not to be too pushy...but I'd really like to have him trained before the baby arrives. I'm not too keen on 3 kids in diapers. Yikes!
However, I'm seriously considering trying the "diaper free baby" with this next one. I've heard great stories about it working, so we'll see. : )

Tana said...

I know...a week ago Joshua was still having issues about using the Potty and I didn't want to push it. Because a battle of the will just didn't seem like what I wanted to endure over the Potty. It's suppose to be fun right?? And, it sure has been fun.

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