Monday, April 7, 2008

It's circus day....

Sunday afternoon Joshua got to go with Grandma & Papa to the Oregon Symphony for, It's a circus day. He had a wonderful time. They had circus music, circus outfits and even a circus clown. Apple the clowns made Joshua a Dragon which he really thought was cool.


Cameo said...

I'm terrified of clowns. Never wanted to go to the circus. That would have been more of a punishment for me than a reward. See? I am odd. Oh, and sorry for not talking to you Saturday, I realize now I probably came off as a royal bitch, but I was so freaked out by getting there late and then I got REALLY in to the game! I honestly didn't know it was going to be that intense! Who knew a bunch of 3-4 year olds playing soccer could be so fun to watch?! See you tomorrow!

Sissy said...

How nice for Joshua to feel so special to spend time with his Grandma and Papa. Asa calls my dad Papa too.
I'm having such a power struggle with Asa and feeling like he's turned into a stranger! I was wondering if you have/are experiencing any problems too. I'd like advice if you have any:) You can email me at trina.gonzalez @

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