Thursday, April 10, 2008

Strong-Willed Child??

There are many days that I'm in battle with Joshua. From the time he wakes up until the time he goes to bed. And there is also many days he is a delightful angel and I'm thinking..thank you Lord we are finally making progress and then something trigger that defiant will. Which sometimes springs me into feeling like a failure. This child whom God has entrusted to me and I can't control him. So, I recently purchased the Dobson book; The New Strong-Willed Child. One word, amazing and right on the mark! It describes Joshua to the T, I only wish I would have bought the book when I first heard about it. Would have saved me some angst. I have recaptured my hope and know I'm not alone.

I have never thought of myself as being Strong-Willed BUT I'm Strong-Willed! All along I thought Joshua was a lot like his Dad but actually in many ways he is more like me!! Sobering. The things we learn about ourselves through are Children!

Good times!!


Kim said...

Thanks for letting me know about that book. Ashley has become so defient and will only do something if she does. I don't know if it is the start of the terrible 2's or if she is stong willed. I will have to get that book!! I don't know what else to do with her!

Amanda said...

I would've thought Alex was a strong willed child if I hadn't had Genoa! I love that you're always reading parenting books. What a great mom!

Sissy said...

I'm feeling for you Tana. Asa has been giving me grief lately (as you know:) I too am reading a book called "Setting Limits with your Strong Willed Child". I have utilized a couple of hints, and they have worked so far. You are doing a great job! See you tomorrow.

Cameo said...

GO ROCKETS!!!!! See you tomorrow.

Cameo said...

Tana, I need your email address, I got some pretty cute pics of Joshua and Austen Saturday and wanted to email them to you. Thanks!

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