Sunday, April 13, 2008

Weekend adventures.

I will start by saying the weather this weekend was, AMAZING!!!

Friday night: Dad was home at 5pm, WOHOO! Then we took a walk in the sunshine, picked up some takeout and then brought it home to eat. Around 7ish our our of town guest arrived and we stayed up really late chatting.

Saturday: The ROCKETS had team pictures and there 2nd game!! We couldn't have asked for more beautiful weather. Saturday evening I got to have dinner with my friend who was visiting from out of town (she stayed with us...she was in town for a class). It was fun cathing up and getting to hold her 6 week old benjamin...what a cutie! Joshua sure enjoyed making baby benjamin was the most precious thing to watch.

Sunday: We skipped Church and played at Mt. Tabor. The boys loved exploring the outdoors and Austen was quite amazed by all the BIG TREES and said, COOL!! (On a walk with Dad Saturday night he ran over to a rock wall with excitment and said, ROCK!) The boys crashed once we left Mt. Tabor so John and I got top burger for lunch....and then had a relaxing afternoon. Lastly, we ended the weekend BBQing with some good friends whom we hadn't seen in a while...we always have such a blast with the Del Buono. It's always a treat to snuggling with my Genoa!!
And now, I'M GOING TO SLEEP!!!

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