Wednesday, April 2, 2008


The weather report says, today's high will be 60 and tomorrow's will be 65. 60 or not we are headed to the park in a few hours to practice some soccer. Joshua had soccer practice last night and did his coach ever work them (RUN THEM..HA!!) It's the funnest thing to watch..all his teammates are so fun to watch. One of the Mom's took some video and posted it on her blog and once I figure how to post that on my blog, I will.

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Sissy said...

Our family is very excited about the boy's first soccer game tomorrow! It should be very entertaining;) I hope it's not pouring down rain. I have not picked out a pre school yet. I'm thinking that we won't start until later in the year, or next spring. Thanks for the suggestion. See you tomorrow!

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