Saturday, April 5, 2008

The ROCKETS first soccer game!!

Today was Joshua's first soccer game, it was wet, rainy but very fun! If you have never seen 3-4 year olds attempt soccer I highly recommend it! They are so fun to watch at one point John and I were laughing so hard we started crying.
While, I wish I could say Joshua runs after the ball like a pro but he is the one prancing around after the ball having the BEST time! (which is what counts....he is only 3)
Good times!! Can't wait until the next game!!!


sarah said...

Where are the pictures!!!! I want to see !!

Cameo said...

I LOVED the game!!! It was sooo much fun! I honestly didn't expect to have that much fun at a "little" league soccer match but boy, I was a bit hoarse when we left. See you at practice.

Sissy said...

We had a great time too. My Joshua said how cute YOUR Joshua was. He was having soooo much fun:) I was proud of our Rocket team!! See you Tuesday!

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