Friday, February 15, 2008

Deceptively Sunny outside....

It's SUNNY & BRIGHT outside today! However, it's still 40 degrees...I have decided if it rises another 8 degrees we are going to play outside today...even if just only for 30mins.
The following things are getting me excited for the sunny spring weather:
1) Some 20 days or so until we change the clocks
2) Joshua is growing out of all his long pants (although he won't be able to wear shorts for sometime...the thought of more light versatile clothing makes me excited..strange I know)
3) John has been selling his cards (a hobby he once had) on ebay and told me yesterday that I get to plan a family trip with all the money he has been making!!!
4) My Hubby's Birthday is in about 3 weeks. March's always sunny on his Birthday.
5) Listening to Joshua talk about his Birthday coming....he wants a Starwars party!!
6) Walks to the park and maybe a starbucks stop on the way! :)

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mommy mel said...

Oh how we miss the sun...honestly, Portland is tropical compared to Astoria!
I am really looking forward to the warmer weather ahead and "lighter" clothing as well. Maybe even trips to the park without rubber boots and layers of clothes?! I'm so glad God made different seasons...and all just long enough to enjoy, but be ready for the next!
Take care. Hopefully we'll see you soon...this baby should be arriving shortly!

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