Monday, February 25, 2008

"SO what does your Wife do?"

This question was asked by my husbands co-workers the other day. (For the record after 7 years of working at the same company he recently took a new Job elsewhere) His response was telling, She is a stay-at-home Mom! There responses indicated an, Oh, kind of feeling. So, he began bragging about me being a stay-at-home Mom. To cover a few he began to tell his co-workers that Motherhood was my profession. He then went on to describe how beneficial it has been for our family by me choosing to stay home ie, she actually finds ways to save us money on a regular basis, she is influencing the next generation on a daily basis, she cultivates a home for us; not just keeps house and the list goes on. But, the very coolest part was their responses. As they all pondered what my husband said, their eyes got wide. One person even said, That's really cool! So, if your are thinking a stay-at-home moms responsibilities are somehow inferior to other professions you are mistaken!! The next time your asked, "What do you do"? or "Do you stay at home"? Respond with passion, "Why yes, I am a Wife, a Mother and I LOVE MY JOB"!! And if you don't love it...find something you do love.
To add; If my husband and I's goal is to parent with purpose and raise morally conscious, emotionally stable, self confident, relationally strong children we sure know that's going to take a lot of time and energy then that is the profession we want.
Now, topics like this (and many other related ones) have been fresh and heavy on my mind lately. I would love to expand..any thoughts from my blog readers??
(By the way I let my hubby know how much I appreciated him shedding some light on the misconceptions of stay-at-home moms as well as the important role we play as parents!!)

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Amanda said...

I truly believe there's no higher calling than full-time parenthood! I just wish I felt like I was always giving 100% to my children. This job isn't easy!

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